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National and International Trips

Beginning Grade 4 students of Haque Academy are taken on field trips outside of the city. The purpose of this is two-fold. Trips that the students go on are connected with a learning unit that they are either currently studying or may have studied in the past. Experiencing these locations adds a layer of understanding to the children's learning. Secondly, going on trips outside of the city without parents adds a dimension of social and emotional growth as children become more independent, gain confidence and learn to navigate the real world. 

Our young Grade 4 students are taken on a full day trip to areas outside of Karachi to gain understanding of of their country. Grade 5 students take a 3 day trip to Lahore and students of Grade 6 to 11 can participate in a 4 - 7 day trip outside of Pakistan. Although these trips are optional, they are widely encouraged by the school as children come back showing marked difference in how they see the world and handle situations.

Exploring Sindh: Culture, History & Heritage Sites

Exploring Pakistan: Culture, History & Heritage Sites

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