With so many avenues in life, it's essential for students to gain a solid understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and interests. The SPARC program has been designed just for this purpose. Over the course of their life at Haque Academy, students annually select a co-curricular course to participate in through which they gain insight into themselves. With a strong focus on the development of their social and emotional selves, students learn to work in teams, gain confidence and creativity and find new passions. 

Range of SPARC Courses

kids doing yoga

Kids Yoga

students chiseling in sculpture class

Sculpture: students learn to chisel


Rube Goldberg Challenges: using daily objects to find solutions to everyday problems

learning to take a photograph


Kids learning to play the guitar

Musicology: learning to play the guitar

boy playing drums

Musicology: learning to play the drums

girls with lego

Green Energyers: using lego to solve energy problems of today

kids playing with mindstorm

Lego Mindstorm

girls conducting a science experiment

Eureka: where science comes to life

kids making items out of junk materials

Junk For Funk: all materials can be used to make beautiful art

kids making building landscapes

Architecture: Students making designs for a building

Kids showing their art

Globetrotters: discovering art from around the world

girls baking

Masterchef: Students learn to bake

girls sawing wood

Carpentry: sawing a piece of wood


Students of SPARC showcase their skills at the end of year Open House and at other various events throughout the year.

SPARC Open House 2019