Extra Curricular Progamme

Haque Academy offers a variety of new and exciting after school courses catering to children of various age groups. These programs may take place on or off campus, and take place after school hours. Some of the courses being offered in the extra curricular program include: 

  • Chess 
  • Teddy Tennis 
  • Holistic Art 
  • Game Quest 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Musicology 
  • Math Busters 
  • Android Game Development 
  • Piano

Friends and siblings of current Haque Academy students who are attending any other school may enroll in the after school extra curricular program.

Spike Robotics

Innovate . Make . Automate 

Students experience Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in a challenging way. They get creative and build and program robots that perform on missions seamlessly. Students participate in National & International Robotics Competitions and bring back unforgettable experiences with their teams.


The discipline of Taekwondo leads to increased energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem.  


Piano is central to the composition of almost every music genre, learning how to play the piano can be a lifelong pursuit. That’s why Haque Academy hosts a range of lessons for beginner and advanced level students.

Jump Chinese

Jump Chinese teaches Mandarin Chinese through an interactive play based approach which allows our students to develop a love for the language.

We speak, read, write, play, sing, dance and even perform in Chinese!


Teddy Tennis is a sport and education program that is tailored for young children. Teddy Tennis inspires children aged 2 to 5+ to have fun, get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining Sports and Music into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.

Speak Up

Speak Up is a program built to enhance your child's confidence through Public Speaking. Students are taught techniques that encourage them to communicate well using their content, body language and vocal expression. These techniques prepare students for future debates by building their critical reasoning skills as well as their ability to construct well-reasoned arguments. 

Titan Mars Rover Engineering

Students are engaged in a competitive hands-on learning experience to address engineering problems faced by space agencies around the world such as NASA. It helps them gain essential knowledge and skills needed to plan, build and test an Arduino based Mars Rover.