Mrs. Haque’s Nursery is located in a spacious purpose built campus in Phase 8, DHA. The following facilities are available to the students:

  • Individually equipped and resourced classrooms catering to the needs of each age group. Classrooms also are designed:
    • for ideal class sizes
    • with creative role play spaces
    • with a library corner for children
    • with imported educational material and equipment
  • Art studio
  • Snack area
  • Resource room stacked with visual aids, teaching materials and other literacy resources
  • Indoor play space with water play and sand play options
  • Multiple outdoor areas for playing
  • Outdoor music area
front garden


Our environment allows for active exploration and learning by the children. Our classroom environment and materials are carefully selected and arranged. Each of our classrooms are divided into different learning areas to cater to the different developmental domains.

Teachers create a print-rich environment and provide opportunities throughout the day for children to listen to stories, explore books and other print materials and to work with a variety of writing materials. Mathematical materials are provided to enable children to use beginning skills in counting, comparing numbers and making one to one correspondence.

Work-time is when the child makes the choice about which learning centre they will work-in. When the children pursue their choice and plan, the children explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems, and interact with their peers and teachers.

In this kind of atmosphere children naturally foster developmentally important skills for  their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. Skills the children will carry throughout their entire life.

Learning Centers