Mrs. Haque's School Calendar

Stay up-to-date about current events, holiday dates and the year's plan on our school calendar. Feel free to use the RSS button below and subscribe to the calendar so that it connects with your personal calendar. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mon, Feb 1
Tue, Feb 2
Wed, Feb 3
Thu, Feb 4
Fri, Feb 5
Sat, Feb 6
Sun, Feb 7
Mon, Feb 8
Tue, Feb 9
Wed, Feb 10
Sandbox Scientists

Young children arenaturally scientists at play. They make their discoveries through creativeactivity.  Mrs. Haque's Schoolinvites you to be a part of Sandbox Scientists On Wednesday, 10thFebruary 2021

Nursery Classes: During their regular online classes.

Prep Classes: Will follow their regular online classes schedule and NOT the Music class schedule. 

Thu, Feb 11
Fri, Feb 12
Sat, Feb 13
Sun, Feb 14
Mon, Feb 15
Tue, Feb 16
Wed, Feb 17
Thu, Feb 18
Fri, Feb 19
Sat, Feb 20
Sun, Feb 21
Mon, Feb 22
Tue, Feb 23
Profession Day
All classes. During online classes.
Wed, Feb 24
Thu, Feb 25
Fri, Feb 26
Sat, Feb 27
Sun, Feb 28


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