Haque Academy offers an extensive athletics program based around the ideas of sportsmanship, collaboration, determination and healthy competition. With our no-cut policy In Grades 1 to 4, all students interested in being part of a sport are encouraged to do so. Under the guidance of a team of sports coaches, children learn the physical and mental skills required to excel in athletics. 

Beginning Grade 5, students have the option of trying out for one of Haque Academy's 8 varsity or junior varsity sports teams. Players train multiple times throughout the week and participate in friendly and competitive matches over the course of the year with various schools and clubs in Karachi. With a strong focus on attendance, skill training, fitness endurance and sportsmanship, Haque Academy teams are a force to reckon with. 

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Track & Field

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Boys Basketball 

"My coaches helped me believe I could do anything if I work hard"Anya, U8 Group Champion