Out of Town Applicants

We understand that moving to another city or country can be extremely stressful and doesn't always happen at the perfect time. The admissions department at Haque Academy is here to support our expat and international families as best we can. Families are encouraged to contact us when they start thinking about their relocation so we can provide information before the move takes place. Although we would love to have all our applicants visit us during the admission season, we understand that when moving from overseas, this is not always possible. We will, therefore, do our best to accommodate testing/interview based on travel plans. We are also able to conduct interviews digitally and have tests taken by the international school. 

Once students have been accepted to Haque Academy, our trained team of coordinators and teachers take special care to make sure that your children settle well into their new environment. From regular check-in sessions to a buddy program, Haque Academy will prioritize ensuring that your child settles emotionally, socially and academically. 


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