Welcome to Haque Academy Primary School Grades 1-5, where we believe our students learn best when they are actively involved in authentic learning experiences across all the curriculum areas.

In addition to the core language and math program, the primary school curriculum for grades 1 – 5 includes Science, Social Studies, Urdu, Art, Music, Computers, Physical Education, SPARC, and library skills. The day reflects a balance of large group and small group activities. Our teachers use a  wide variety of teaching and learning strategies that encourage students to be actively engaged in their learning. These strategies include:

  • Use of concrete-pictorial-abstract material and manipulative for the teaching of Mathematic concepts
  • Literature Circles for English language classes
  • Creative writing curriculum units (poetry, drama, fiction, narrative, informational)
  • Inquiry-based approach
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Cooperative learning and group work
Grade 1 student dressed up as lion for musical
students working with math manipulatives

Lower Primary (Grades 1 & 2)

Haque Academy uses the Integrated Curriculum (IC) approach for Grades 1 and 2. The IC approach is where three or more subject areas are integrated into the study of one unit/topic. Each unit of study may last several weeks, based on student learning and/or interest. These units culminate in a final project or activity.

Through the Integrated Curriculum Approach, we endeavor to provide opportunities for our students to develop understandings of essential concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to develop confidence in their own abilities, think for themselves, question, express their opinions and respect the opinions of others.

Upper Primary (Grades 3 - 5)

Grades 3-5 follow a subject specific curriculum designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. This approach stimulates creativity and enables self-reflection in students. Within the primary years we have a very strong emphasis on Language Arts and Mathematics. Our language arts program is designed to help students acquire the ability to write and speak well and to examine, process and use information gained through listening and reading. Problem solving, critical thinking and mathematical computation skills are strengthened through our balanced educational approach.

kids being cool

Personal Social Development Classes

Wholistic education involves the development of the intellectual, physical, social and emotional self. This is why Haque Academy offers a personal and social development program for grades 1-5. These classes facilitate the development of character traits and social and emotional competencies. Lessons are designed to teach children respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion and fairness.

presentation on dinosaur fossils

Assessment and Achievement

Each student’s achievements are continually assessed. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, rubrics and student’s work. Attitude, learning skills, social relationships and effort are considered equally important when looking at the overall development of the child.