Middle School

Adolescence is a unique time in a child's life. With the right emotional support, timely guidance and intervention students can achieve their potential. The Middle School curriculum is taught by highly motivated, supportive teachers who understand that establishing a relationship with children unlocks the door to learning and engages them in character development. Children are celebrated for both their work and work ethics as we guide them academically and emotionally throughout.

Group Photo Grade 6 after Egypt Celebration

Academic Curriculum

Middle School curriculum provides diverse academic and co-curricular programs that allow students to discover their passions and talents as well as prepare them to handle pressures of senior school ahead. These programs encourage resilience, creativity, collaboration, reasonable challenge and support in student growth.

Education Focused on Character Development

Students are held to high standards of behavior. They are expected to be respectful and kind to others at all times. We expect them to work hard and to take their educational responsibilities seriously. We strive to have a culture and climate that helps students grow and learn. 

Technology in Education

Haque Academy provides a rich technological environment that helps maximize teaching and learning. We believe that technology belongs in the classroom and it makes learning experiences more lasting and powerful. Our Faculty constantly examines ways to make changes and deliver the best education possible to our students.

Beyond the Classroom

We believe that the best learning happens outside the  classroom setting. Extended learning is provided by arranging topic related educational trips and guest speakers sessions. We believe that such activities extend classroom learning and provide students with an opportunity to learn in a real life setting. Students also go on yearly international trips to get  a flavor of the global community.

A Wholistic Approach to Education

Personality Development 

Community Service

Mindfulness & Well-Being


Global Understanding

Assessment & Achievement 

Haque Academy faculty believe that practice is an important part of the educational process for student success. Students are given various opportunities to practice concepts and skills introduced in class, engage in activities that extend their knowledge, research and collaborate to strengthen their learning as well as presentation skills. 

Practice is followed by assessment. We are currently using a combination of formative and standardized ways of assessing students. Standardized tests help our students prepare for timed tests, while, formative ways of assessing support ongoing learning and conceptual understanding. Teachers use different strategies to support student learning including feedback, oral and written, rubrics and teacher/peer conferences.