At Haque Academy we pursue a wholistic approach to education:

  • Each child is known, challenged, and supported. Small class sizes, diverse instructional approaches, and open communication among teachers and parents allow us to nurture the academic growth and confidence that teachers and families wish to see.

  • Our vigorous and stimulating curriculum is based upon developmental research and best practices, providing all students a wealth of opportunities for inquiry, exploration, and creativity.

  • Our dedicated and enthusiastic faculty bring the full force of their professional expertise to guiding students as they build on previous skills and concepts, develop pride in their hard work, and mature into independent, responsible learners

Teacher Training & Professional Development

The heart of Haque Academy's educational philosophy lies in its teacher training program. There is continuous research and advancement in our understanding of how children learn best. As the world changes daily, the needs of the next generation evolve.

At Haque Academy we strive to align ourselves with global best practices. We are able to implement the latest research and understanding by having a strong professional development program based around the premise that just as children must have a passion for learning, so must we.  We use various Professional Development methods like workshops, training seminars, study circles, planning meetings and peer observation to ensure teachers maintain high standards and continually strive to improve the quality of education being offered at our school.

Early Intervention

At Haque Academy, we believe that all children deserve a fair chance to succeed. Studies have shown that early detection of learning difficulties and getting children the necessary help in a timely manner can be key to a child’s future success in school. With this goal in mind, Haque Academy teachers work closely with students who they feel may require individualized instruction. In certain cases management will work with varied learning specialists to ensure that each child is able to perform to the best of their ability.

mom and child drawing together

Family Involvement

At Haque Academy we encourage family involvement in school. On occasion, a family member can be found volunteering their time reading or conducting a special activity with children. This type of commitment on the part of the families is encouraged to help our students grow to their full potential. It promotes open communication between families and teachers and is essential to our school’s continuous development. The Parent Coordinator Programme which runs from KG to Senior School further strengthens this sense of community.

This is a place where the Administration roots for the teacher’s professional growth. Teachers root for their students. Everyone in Haque community strives to be better than they are.

Fatima Ali Shah Kindergarten Teacher