In 1977, Mrs. Haque established a pre-school. Since its inception, the school has seen tremendous growth and success. In a short amount of time it grew from a small class of just 4 students to a large school graduating its first O level class in 1996.  Over the years as the school expanded, Mrs. Haque's School expanded into several buildings located in the Clifton area. 

In 2006 the Haque family began construction on a purpose built campus located in Phase 8. After a 2 year period, Mrs. Haque inaugurated Haque Academy, a beautifully designed building for the students of Grade 1 to 11. Two years later, the building was further expanded by adding a 3rd and 4th floor, allowing the Kindergarten grades to join Haque Academy.

The Making of Shanul Haque Memorial Building

With the always present goal of bringing the entire Haque student community together, ground broke in 2016 once again to build a purpose built environment for the students of Mrs. Haque's School alongside the wish to provide a dedicated space for the O level students. After much work, The Shanul Haque Memorial Building was inaugurated in 2018 and with that the entire Haque family was finally able to come together in one campus. 

Today, Mrs. Haque’s School & Haque Academy, both in Phase 8, cater to students of Prep to O levels. The school aims to provide students with an enriching environment where they receive the highest standards of educational excellence and a promise of continued uncompromising quality.

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