Haque Academy is one of the first O-level schools to introduce career counseling in order to guide their students about their future options. Students today face many choices; the right A level school, the best university for them and of course the ultimate decision regarding what career path to pursue. Students in colleges or a higher level usually struggle with decisions regarding their career, simply proving why career counseling is so important for students at an early stage. These workshops compel our students to actively think about which road they would like to take in future and the opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Guest speakers at the career counselling sessions have included:

  • Principals & Deans of A Level Schools in Karachi
  • Educational advisers from the United States Educational Foundation
  • Textile Industrialists
  • Doctors & Surgeons
  • Published authors
  • IT professionals

The goal of the career counselling sessions are to provide more information to students so that they are better able to make crucial decisions for the future, enabling them to have a clearer picture for themselves regarding what lies ahead. They can now weigh their options and ask any questions they might have. It is truly a platform for self-reflection and so results in great ambition and determination.